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  1. Foxy Jack

    Is DAYZ finally DEAD!!!

    I still have hope that they might open up the modding a bit more down the road. But SA as it stands : ) isn't going anywhere fast. Granted the new engine just dropped in February of 2018, the game is still digressing backwards as they remove more and more content and features in .63 exp with the new stamina features. . ...So much potential thou.
  2. Foxy Jack

    Is DAYZ finally DEAD!!!

    ...Damn, a whole year away and I like this video even more now.
  3. I stumbled on this game ages ago, it was blowing up and they added a mission in WoW where you could play the game for free.
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    Foxy Jack

    About Me: Photography & Video editing are some of my hobbies.
  5. Foxy Jack

    Gaming Inc. is back online!

    . ....LETS GO!!!
  6. I'm looking at any of the 3 current Threadripper CPU's that boast 64 PCIe 3.0 LANES right out the gate with the entry level Threadripper 1900x $399-$420 price range. WTF whats that like 3x16 + 1x8, 2x16 + 3x8, 1x16 + 5x8? I saw a forum post claiming 4 GPU's all at x16, guessing that is for non SLI/xfire.